The Din Bin is an innovative fixture that attaches to restaurant tables and can help reduce the amount of germs on your tabletop by allowing people to store their belongings while they eat. Whether it's phones, wallets, purses, keys, sunglasses or more, the Din Bin can hold multiple personal items in a more sanitary place than on the table. Also with mask mandates in many states, the Din Bin allows diners to store their masks while they eat and drink. The Din Bin can also be used for check drops to eliminate the need to put it on the table and further spread germs. Made of a durable ABS plastic with a steel clamp that slides onto the side of a table, the Din Bin's unique design allows it to fit tabletops of various sizes and be moved if needed. The clamp also provides valuable tabletop advertising space closest to the point of purchase. The Din Bin is also great for use in bars, clubs, breweries, bowling alleys, casinos, spas, salons, offices, classrooms and more!